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"The Sporting Dragon, Part 2"

A few years ago, my husband went to a sidewalk sale where a sportswear manufacturer was selling excess jerseys and such. He came home with several that had been demonstrator pieces showing the imprinting options. He isn't into football, but it gave him something to wear when his company proclaimed a Football Friday at the office.

On such an occasion he wore a dark green jersey with yellow lettering that said DRAGONS. A suspicious co-worker asked, "What team is that?"

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"Calling all authors, artists & other geeky sorts! SpoCon (Aug 11-13, 2017) needs attending pros. I need suggestions w/ names and e-mails."

"Poking at a new project, temporarily known as "Retreat." Only 150 words, but it's a start."

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My anthology, Wee Folk and Wise, should be released sometime this month!

Aunt Ursula's Atlas
is coming along. Margaret Organ Kean is doing cover art.

A new project is nibbling at the edges of my mind. Temporary title is "Retreat."

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