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"The Dragons of Mt. Pilatus"

Mt. Pilatus rises among the Swiss Alps, not far from the city of Lucerne. From ancient times, local people have believed this peak was an abode of dragons. Climbing it was forbidden, both for the dangerous climb and the fear of provoking an attack on the city below.

But one fall day, it is told, a young cooper* set out to collect wood for his trade. It was so beautiful on the slopes of Mr. Pilatus that he lost track of where he was. At dusk, he discovered to his dismay that he had climbed all the way to the summit!

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"Took a donation of cucumbers from my garden to Second Harvest this afternoon. I hope the clients will enjoy them."

"Spokane depends on our beautiful river for drinking water, recreation, and our civic identity. Join the cleanup!"

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Sky Warrior has released a cover for the anthology I'm editing, Wee Folk and Wise!

Aunt Ursula's Atlas is coming along. Margaret Organ Kean is doing cover art.

Outcast Order has been retitled The Eighth Order. Second draft revisions continue apace.

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