February 22, 2020

Excuse me while my feminist side rears her lovely head. Things I'm encountering are prodding me to think about how female leadership is portrayed in the stories we tell.

In my current video game,
Fallout '76, America was destroyed in a nuclear war. After spending 25 years in a fallout shelter, my character is roaming what used to be West Virginia. There are no other humans left except vault dwellers like me (a. k. a. the other players). But I do encounter various factions of survivors -- or what's left of them.

For most of these factions,
the leaders are/were women. Awesome! Female empowerment. But then, uh-oh --- they're all dead, along with every member of their group. You take on a quest line, hoping to connect with this woman and her organization, and at the end you find her body. With some loot, of course. Time for the next quest line...

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