"Next Novella"

October 16, 2021

I've started work on the next Minstrels of Skaythe novella, which is tentatively called The Fall of Dar-Gothull. Honestly, I'm not sure about that title. It might give away too much. "Gosh, what do you think will happen by the end?"

there isn't much to report as yet. It's mostly exploratory work right now.

The whole premise
of Minstrels of Skaythe is that this group of renegades (so called because they reject the cruelty of Dar-Gothull's oppressive regine) had to split up and each one used their own strategy to find safety as they could. To get going on the finale, I have to figure out where these characters were at the end of their novellas, who their allies were, and then basically claw back what they thought they had achieved....

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