The Seven Exalted Orders

Arkanost has seven Exalted Orders. No more, no less. When a magus goes renegade in a far-off province, the Mage Lords demand that something be done.

Ryamon is bitter and frustrated. He longs to be a Fire magus; as a Stone magus, he's miserable. If he can bring the rogue back, he has a chance --- his last chance --- to fulfill his dream.

It's a great plan until he actually meets Valdira.

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Reviews for The Seven Exalted Orders

5 Stars from BookSkimmer!

"Fredericks has created an intricate, richly imagined new world. Her characters are complicated and her magical Orders compelling. Not a light read, but one that will leave fantasy lovers well satisfied."

5 Stars from Frog and Esther Jones!

"The characters Deby Fredericks places into this world try desperately to exist in a world where power and freedom are precariously balanced. Each character has their own motives, and the desire for power or freedom changes from character to character."
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