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Photograph by Daron Fredericks
 The Weight of Their Souls
 Swords & Sorcery Novelette

 In the aftermath of an epic battle, a ragtag band of survivors try to make their way home. But not all the evil
 was overthrown...

 Episodes are approximately 20 minutes long.
 Episode 1                    Episode 3                    Episode 5                    Episode 7
 Episode 2                    Episode 4                    Episode 6
 The Dragon King
 Fantasy for ages 12 and up

 This is a set of short stories I wrote in the style of the Brothers Grimm.

 Episodes are approximately 20 minutes long.
 Episode 1, "The Dragon King"                                Episode 4, "The Changeling Daughter"
 Episode 2, "The Donkey and the Unicorn"           Episode 5, "The Lemon Tree"
 Episode 3, "The Beggar of Banberelle."                Episode 6, "Lady Swallow"
 Masters of Air & Fire
 Fantasy for ages 8-12

 Orlik, Romik and Yazka are three young wyrmlings who life with their mother on the slopes of Hot Mountain. Lost in
 the aftermath of a violent eruption, the three wyrmlings struggle to stay together in a land dominated by creatures
 alien to them: humans!

 Episodes are approximately 30 minutes long.
 Episode 1                    Episode 5                    Episode 9                   Episode 13
 Episode 2                    Episode 6                    Episode 10                 Episode 14
 Episode 3                    Episode 7                    Episode 11                 Episode 15
 Episode 4                    Episode 8                    Episode 12                 Episode 16