Magic is Waiting

Magic is waiting
Beyond the Door,
Across the Meadow,
Over the Hills.

Magic is waiting
Through the Trees,
Past the Divide,
Deep in the mist.

Wherever you wander,
Magic is waiting.

I Want To See

What are you doing?
I want to see!
Way up on the counter
Is too high for me.
So wait for me, wait
While I go get my chair,
And when I stand up
I can see what is there.
Show me what you're doing.
Explain it to me.
Don't make me get down!
I just want to see.
Shush Go The Leaves

Shush shush shush go the leaves as I walk.
I wonder why the leaves don't want me to talk?
A Little Seed

A little seed falls to the ground,
And gentle rains of spring come down.
Soon a little sprout will show,
Then larger leaves begin to grow.
Next the stalks that reach up tall,
With swelling buds atop them all.
The pretty flowers bloom, and then
Their little seeds fall down again.
Chasing the Acorn

We chase the acorn, just like Scrat,
Wildly, madly hoping that
Our words will find a home out there,
Nestled on a page somewhere.
We dream the dream of wealth
     and glory
When we've published our first story.
Or, if our hopes are not so wild,
Simply hope to touch a child.
We do our work with pen or brush,
Follow that creative rush.
And though our wallet's never fat,
We chase the acorn, just like Scrat.
Signs of Spring

The sun may shine above,
And green leaves may sprout,
But you'll know it's really spring
When the spiders come out!
Poetry by Lucy D. Ford
(c) 2007 by Deby Fredericks. Please do not copy my poems or use them anywhere without my permission.
Silly Moon

The sun shines in the daytime,
And stars at night are seen,
But silly moon will rise and set
Day or night or in between!
Photograph by Deby Fredericks