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Important! One of my publishers has returned my rights on some books. I am working with a different publisher, and will make announcements when I have new editions coming out. In addition, some of my books are rather old and may not be available. You are welcome to e-mail me and see if I still have copies on hand. I can take payment through PayPal or Venmo.

Books by Lucy D. Ford


Every family has drama, even when they are dragons!

Three young wyrmlings lived on the green slopes of Hot Mountain. Then their peaceful world was shattered by the eruption of their volcano home. Now they must struggle to survive in a world dominated by beings alien to them: humans.

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Fairy Tales Told by Lucy D. Ford

On a high shelf, in a hidden library, here is a book of unknown wonders. Open its pages. Explore mysterious lands. See for yourself what lies within Aunt Ursula’s Atlas.

This is a collection of 13 original fantasy short stories for ages 12 and up.

Available as e-book or paperback from Amazon or Books2Read.

Gardens of Enchantment

I have a story in this anthology!

Gardens are places of mystery and enchantment where fairies hide among the leaves and magic courses through the roots. But beware, the snake of temptation slithers in the undergrowth and the most beautiful flowers might be poisonous. The stories in this collection will take you on a botanical journey into the heart of greenness: you will taste dangerous liquors, see the desert break into blossom or venture into breath-taking bowers.In this bouquet of tales you will find re-imagined legends, magical realist musings, fantasy and a pinch of sci-fi.

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Books by Deby Fredericks

The Weight of Their Souls

Swords and Sorcery Novelette

The epic war is over, the great Enemy destroyed. A ragtag band of survivors makes their way home, only to discover there were survivors on the other side, too. And even a lesser evil from that vicious host can still be a deadly threat.

It’s swords against sorcery, with more than just their lives on the line. The travelers, who barely know each other, must summon the courage to face one more battle.

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Well… It’s Your Cow

I have a story in this anthology!

This is not just a comedy anthology. Nor is it horror, or romance, or literary, or…well, any one thing. Rather, it is all those things. Each story starts exactly in the same place. But each author immediately leaps from there into their own world. This anthology celebrates the creativity of these authors, because it does not shackle them to a theme. The starting line is the same—the finish line is on other planets, in other times, and in alternate realities.

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The Gellboar

A Dark Fantasy Novelette

The Holy Mothers have decreed that only women can be trusted with the awesome powers of sorcery. But Dan can no more live without magic than he could go without breathing. Disguised as a woman, he struggles to provide for his sickly daughter through illicit magic. But his life of lies has drawn a darker eye than that of the Holy Mothers…

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Time Capsules

I have a story in this anthology!

Time Capsules – history and mystery – a gift or a message from the past to the future.
Messages that can easily be misunderstood. What were the reasons for passing along a pair of pink, fuzzy handcuffs? A glass vial containing a perfect dandelion puff? A Japanese Katana? A red and blue scarf? A wooden spoon? What magic do these items contain? What stories do they tell?

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Wyrmflight book cover

Wyrmflight: A Hoard of Dragon Lore

Do you like dragons? I knew you would say yes!

Since 2012, Wyrmflight is the blog for everyone who loves dragons. I’ve had so much fun researching and writing about them, I decided to assemble my favorite posts. It’s a true hoard of dragon lore. (Get it?) Here you’ll find the great dragons of mythology and folklore from around the world. Discover fascinating true stories about real dragons. (There are more of them than you think!) Plus a few reviews, jokes and poems.

So come into the dragon’s lair! If you dare…

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Too Many Princes

Quest Fantasy With Family Drama

There are TOO MANY PRINCES in Crutham! Brastigan knows it well enough; he’s 13th in line for the throne, and he’s bored. A misfit and rogue, Brastigan keeps busy drinking and fighting, until one day he nearly dies in a brawl. Was it an accident – or attempted murder? Before he can find out, Brastigan heads off on a ‘noble quest’ to find the sorceress Yriatt, who may be able to answer his questions. With him goes Lottres, his half-brother and life long friend. But Lottres has his own reasons for wanting to see Yriatt. His secret will threaten to tear their friendship apart. 

Interested? Contact the author.

The Magister’s Mask

Fantasy and Murder Mystery

Shenza Waik of Tresmeer has just completed her training as magister, a school of sorcery with a specialty in criminal investigation. Then the first lord who rules her home is shockingly murdered, and an innocent man is arrested for the crime. Political factions maneuver for a resolution that favors to them. The enigmatic nature spirits want revenge for the slaying. In order to prove her worthiness, Shenza must carry out justice while resisting pressure to wrongly convict the accused man.

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The Necromancer’s Bones

Fantasy and Murder Mystery

Young and pretty, Chimi dreams of a bright future. She also has a secret: Chimi sees ghosts. Restless spirits follow her everywhere. They recognize her as a true necromancer, mystically called to right the wrongs that won’t let them rest in peace. Desperate to escape her unwanted destiny, Chimi turns to her older sister for help. Responsible and reliable, Shenza urges Chimi to accept her calling.

But Shenza has a secret, too. She has met the perfect man and knows he can never be hers. First Lord Aspace is about to get married, but his bride’s family may be connected to a grisly unsolved murder in Shenza’s past. Worse, someone has offended the mighty nature spirits. They demand retribution. If Shenza fails, they will raise a volcano to destroy the town and everyone in it.

Can the sisters, so much at odds, work together to save their home?

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