Loose Ends

I’m working on the last few posts for Queen Titania’s Court today. Some of the authors who contacted me have fallen off the map since. That’s a bit disappointing, but I can adjust. I hope to get it all finished and scheduled, so I can focus on MisCon, next weekend. We’ve had our reservations and memberships […]

Woman at Work/May 2023

What’s Happening? It’s hard to believe, but we can see the end of the school year from here. It’s only 6 weeks in my district. That makes me a little frantic to help my kids learn just a bit more. Only problem is, we’re about to do the high-stakes testing that will take up four of […]

Work In Progress

We authors are always talking about our works in progress. For the moment, this is mine. I’m currently in the throes of switching over from a conventional web page to WordPress for hosting purposes. Slowly but surely, I’ll be adding content. The page I’m working on now is all about my series, Minstrels of Skaythe. […]