Woman at Work/May 2023

What’s Happening? It’s hard to believe, but we can see the end of the school year from here. It’s only 6 weeks in my district. That makes me a little frantic to help my kids learn just a bit more. Only problem is, we’re about to do the high-stakes testing that will take up four of those weeks. This is making the kids frantic, as their familiar schedules are switched around. We’re all just frantic, some days.

What I’m Working On. Queen Titania’s Court is only a month away, too. I’m gathering the contributions from all the authors, and also putting my parts together. I’m going with Orlik, one of the wyrmlings from Masters of Air & Fire. It should be fun to revisit his character.

What’s Next? There’s no word on reprints of The Seven Exalted Orders, so I’ve been putting together covers for Minstrels of Skaythe, Volume 2. This will collect the fourth and fifth Minstrels of Skaythe novellas. I’m not sold on that title, and may try to come up with something more intriguing.

Fun and Games. I’m mostly playing Skyrim these days. The 10t Anniversary edition added a lot of fun new content, and I’m enjoying it. Unfortunately, the new game I was trying keeps crashing. I enjoyed what I could play of it, and check back every once in a while to see if they’ve patched any of the bugs.

See you in the comments!

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